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  1. judy O'Brien

    The famous mesmerist who traveled to England and Australia and New Zealand was Thomas A Kennedy from Jackson MI. His brother was John Kennedy who he was in business with. John toured the U.S. T A went abroad. Thomas A is my great grandfather. His son John Edward Kennedy was my grandfather. He did not travel with his father but was raised by family in New Orleans. The Kennedy brothers had other siblings. There father was Dr. Edward Kennedy who was a physician of English training, had a simple knowledge of mesmeric science, which he picked up while in the University of Edinburgh. He saw interest in his two oldest sons and taught them (John and Thomas)

  2. judy O'Brien

    Professor Thomas A Kennedy and John Kennedy were brothers. I have read that they were born in Dundas Canada and moved to Jackson MI in their childhood. Their father was Dr. Edward Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy was a physician of English training, had a simple knowledge of mesmeric science, which he had picked up while in the U of Edinburgh. His two oldest sons Thomas A and John showed an interest and he taught them. They later went into business together. John married and stayed in the U.S. Thomas traveled the world. At one point Thomas was in California married and had a son John Edward. Thomas A is my great grandfather and his son, John Edward my grandfather. His son did not travel with him but was raised by the mother’s family in New Orleans after Thomas A Kennedy’s first wife died.

  3. Kevin Peshick


    I’m sorry I have been so slow to respond. Thank you for the additional information on the Kennedy Brothers as others have expressed a lot of interest on them. I recently ran across a piece of letterhead stationary and envelope for J. E. Kennedy at an antique shop but got called away and forgot to buy it. I will have to go back and hope it is still there so that I can scan it and add it to this thread. Anymore information you can share would be greatly appreciated. I have run across information on other mesmerist performing in Michigan that I want to post as this seems to be a popular topic. Best Wishes, Kevin

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