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  1. J.B. Harris

    Kevin Peshick: I am currently researching the Calumet Theatre and have made numerous trips to the Keweenaw Peninsula to spend time at the theater and in their theater archives. I will be going again next month to continue my endeavors. My goal is for this project to culminate in an article. I would like your permission to quote you from your website. Would you please contact me so that we can communicate about this and about our research projects in general? Thanks. J.B. Harris

  2. admin

    Hello. I’m so sorry I have been slow to respond. I’m new to this blogging stuff and I get so much junk mail here that it takes a day every other month to sort through it all. Yes, you certainly have my permission. I’m planning to take the month of June off to work on my research into the Richard Henderson Stock Company. I did my masters thesis on Richard Henderson and have quite an interest in the rep styles of theatre and how nicely it fit into the small town opera houses. Let me know if there is anything else you need. I might have more on the Calumet in my files.

    Best Wishes,

    Kevin Peshick

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